August 14, 2018

Eating a Billy Bricks® Neapolitan Pizza:

This may sound a bit silly – but eating a Neapolitan pizza can actually be pretty tricky, and often, an unenjoyable experience with our style of pizza is a result of unfamiliarity with how it is eaten. Do you really want to spill on your Sunday best?

First things first – eating pizza with a knife and fork is a very Italian way to do things – this is why we provide each person a setup when you’re dining in; it’s not a cop out like grabbing a fork when you’re eating sushi, it’s the true Italian way to eat a Neapolitan pizza.

HOWEVER, we’re not in Naples, we Americans like to get our hands on our pizza – here’s a step by step guide with one main take-a-way: JUST FOLD IT™

Step 1 – The Pinch

Grab your pizza by both ends of the crust with your thumb and middle finger, then pinch the center of the crust with your pointer finger.

Step 2 – The Fold

As you may have noticed and many first time guests point out, great Neapolitan pizza is “floppy” – and a slice should not be able to hold its own weight (unlike, say, a pizza from the supermarket or fast food pizza…). As such – the pinch and fold is how you give your slice some structural integrity. If you don’t, then all the awesome toppings will just slide off the pizza when you pick it up and you’ll leave us a negative review. 🙁

As four year olds once told us when we taught them – “it’s a pizza boat!” enclosing all toppings. This should support its own weight when you pick it up.

Step 3 – The Bite

This is where you enjoy!

Pick up your slice – and take a large bite from the pointy end. You should get the full pizza hit on this one! If you’re like some of us at Billy Bricks, you may take out the majority of your slice with a big enough bite and you should still have a clean shirt.

Don’t forgot to eat your crusts as well – you may be trained from other styles of pizza to leave the crust behind, but this is truly the best part of a Neapolitan pizza. If you need to dip it, let us know, we have sauces and dressings to dip the crust in, just don’t waste it! 


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